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Yosemite National Park

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Watch this awesome video about Yosemite National Park and do the excercises.

Task 1. Match the words with the explanations.

1 stunning A something interesting or enjoyable that people want to visit, see, or do
2 accommodation B to provide (a room or building) with furniture
3 attraction C different in a way that you can see, hear, smell, feel, etc. :noticeably different
4 distinct D very beautiful or pleasing
5 to furnish E to have people as guests in your home or in a public place
6 rustic F a large vehicle that often has a bathroom, kitchen, and beds for use during travel and camping
7 to entertain G a place (such as a room in a hotel) where travelers can sleep and find other services
8 RV (recreational vehicle) H made of rough wood

Task 2. Fill in the gaps.

  1. One of the grandest destinations in America is the ___________ Yosemite National Park.
  2. The fully ____________ rustic cabins are perfect for the non-camper.
  3. There are over _________ different tent and ________ sites to choose from.
  4. There are plenty of ways _________________ the whole family.
  5. There’s _____________ and a country store.
  6. The main attraction is __________ up the road.
  7. From the tallest _____________ in North America to wide open meadow and some of the oldest ___________ in the world.

Task 3. Mark the statements True, False or No Information.

  1. It’s difficult to find a place to stay at Yosemite Lakes.
  2. Tourists can only choose from different types of cabins.
  3. It doesn’t take you long to get to Yosemite National Park from the campground.
  4. You have to take everything you need with you from home because there’re no shops at Yosemite Lakes.
  5. The gas station at the campground is less expensive than inside Yosemite.


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